SHIP About us

About us is the “I. Saliaris & Co” on line store, based on Chios isle since 1987. focuses on species of local (Chian) origin and production. Our aim is to give to the lovers of the Chian culture the chance, wherever they are located, to know and if they desire, to acquire our products. All products in our store are directly related to the Chios and its culture. In these products, not only the long tradition of the island is reflected, but the contemporary spiritual and artistic creation as well.

We value quality and aesthetics, that’s why we choose carefully our products and we carefully design the packaging of our products. At the same time we make every effort to provide quality service to our clients.

Our ship (vapori) has started its journey. It has shipment from the port of Hora and it travels to seas and oceans. Looking in the hold, you will find objects and works with taste and value. Even if you don’t find what you would like at that time, be patient. Look in the hold tomorrow again. Probably you will find something new!